Leaked Pics of a Refurbished Galaxy Note7 with 3200mAh Battery

Leaked pics of a refurbished Galaxy Note7 were seen in Vietnam yesterday but with a reduced capacity of 3200mAh battery this time.

Regardless of the fact that long ago Samsung refused to any rumours of refurbished version. But everyone still suspected that Samsung would eventually make refurbished versions to sell its old Note7. Even after asking many times, Samsung kept hiding it.

But finally Samsung came back with its words a couple of weeks ago that they would put a new life into their Note7. And yes, yesterday we found some alleged pics of Refurbished Samsung Note7. Here are some of those leaked pics to have a sneak-peek.

Things to note in the pics are it looks same from outside as the new one but inside it, the battery capacity has been reduced to 3200 mAh, instead of original 3500 mAh. Pic shows this version of Note7 is running with Android OS 7.0

After this refurbished launch of Note7, we hope Samsung would be able to convince its customers for a better customer satisfacation with a reasonable testing quality. But still, even if a single Samsung Note7 unit catches fire again, then only Samsung knows how much trouble and headache they gonna have from that.