HTC Ultra U Sapphire-glass Available After 18th April in Europe

Saturday 18th of April, HTC Ultra U sapphire-glass will land in European phone markets. Initial shipments going for Germany and Switzerland.

Phone comes in 2 versions with 64GB and 128GB internal storage capacities. Major difference to note between both versions is that the 64GB will come with a Gorrila glass 5 while the 128GB will be decorated by a Saphire Crystal glass on the top of its display.

The 64GB version will cost around €699 while 128GB will take about €849 to make it yours. In short you are paying additional €150 just for a better screen protection and extra storage.

Talking about Saphire Crystal its a premium material designed which is used in HTC Ultra U 128GB version to make a more rugged and stronger display. It says, you can try to scratch anything to it, won't affect the display. Except trying to scratch with a diamond, which would be almost an unpracticle case.