How to Know If a Phone Has a Virus

A phone or tablet opens the doors for you to access to a day to day private and public data, including very sensitive data. So it is always prone to be theft or changed by external group of people.

Those people actively try to attack your phone with some malware in the data or viruses. They use them to breach into your email, online banking accounts and other important apps.

Most of the times this happens when your phone is connected to an online network or media. More the time you are there, malware will be more active to manipulate or steal the data from your device. So don't be lazy anymore and be proactive for such threats against your phone or tablet.

You are in a worst situation when your device is infected with a virus and you have no idea about it. Even you may not know if your device was infected at all. Many users of Apple iPhone and tablets think that their devices can never be infected by malware. But that's true until you do not download any third party app. So before you overlook the damages inside your phone from virus and malware, here are some symptoms a device may show when it is getting infected by virus or malware.

Major Symptoms of Infected Phone

  • Pop-ups: Many websites with popups are doubtful to contain virus if you click them, so don't click any popup links.
  • Crashing apps: If some of your apps are crashing regularly, chances are some malware has infected or corrupted your apps.
  • Data usage: If you notice suddenly unexpected amount of data usage through your phone, chances are viruses are trying to use your data for stealing or manipulating using internet connection.
  • Unwanted apps: Many apps which appears in your phone but you never downloaded them, can be some Trojan apps made to look real but they are not. Anything doubtful, uninstall them.
  • Battery drain: The excess usage of data and internet by the viruses and malware can exhaust your phone , resulting in faster battery drainage.

So if you find any of above symptoms inside your phone or tablet, take an immediate action to rescue your device from those viruses and malwares who are trying to steal your important data. Steps may be like remove questionable apps, keep eye on your data usage, try not to download third party apps and lastly be careful while clicking any doubtful links while you visit a website.

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