Google will Stop Gmail Scan for Targeting their Ads

It always has been coming to the mind of some people, that google regularly scans your personal e-mails for it's own purposes like targeting ads, to show relevant ads.

That was suggesting that google was not serious about privacy of it's users. Google explainend it long time ago that no real person is involved in this process, everything happens with it's automatic google robots.Still it was something many users were not able to digest.

Therefore Google has come up a new resolution for the end of this year, that there would be no more email scanning for its all Gmail users.Sad thing for all those critics of Google , there would be no such controversial stuff anymore, wondering what next they would focus on against Google now.

Thing that comes to mind is how will google manage its personalised ads for targeting its potential users.Because after this scanning would be stopped, Google has to find some better way to target its ads.Google boasts that as Gmail is very much used service in the world(about 1.2 Billlion users), they will plan some future add-ons to send the payment and other billing/invoicing information, direct to their inbox.